Exam 1 Review psyc 475

Topics: Human resource management, Job performance, 360-degree feedback Pages: 4 (506 words) Published: January 26, 2015
PSYC 475 Exam 1 Review Sheet

▪ Exam 1:
▪ Tuesday, Sept 23rd, in class
▪ 40 multiple choice questions

▪ Exam 1 Material:
▪ Covers all reading material: Chapters 1, 3, and 4
▪ Lecture notes

Please note that this sheet is meant to help you review the major topics addressed in each chapter. It is NOT intended to be a comprehensive list of everything covered in the course or on the exam.

Chapter 1 Intro to Personnel Psychology + H.R. Planning

Important Concepts:

Strategic workforce planning
Talent inventory
H.R. planning
Workforce forecasting
Theory X and theory Y
Ratio analysis technique
Human relations movement
Markov analysis
Labor demand trends
Replacement planning
Labor supply trends
Succession planning
Tight vs. loose labor market
Growth vs. contraction
Employee skill shortages
Micro vs. macro level
Multilevel staffing
Affirmative Action Plans

Other Things to Keep in Mind:

Formal definition of I/O psychology
Describe the characteristics of hierarchical and participative organizations. Understand different techniques for forecasting H.R. requirements, availabilities, and gaps in requirements and availabilities. Know different types of workforce.

Discuss major H.R. Challenges.
Explain the difference between internal and external influences on the employment environment.

Chapter 3 Job Analysis

Important Concepts:

Job Inventories
Job specifications
Direct observation
Job/task characteristic theory
Individual interviews
Growth need strength
Group interviews
Legal issues
Job analysis questionnaires
Critical incidents
Functional Job Analysis
Functional Job Analysis
Specific vs. general job analysis
Position Analysis Questionnaire
Worker oriented approach
Task-oriented approach
Qualitative vs. quantitative information
Competency modeling

Other Things to...
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