Evolution of the structure family

Topics: Family, Sociology, Industrial Revolution Pages: 3 (733 words) Published: August 20, 2014

Evolution of the structure family
Since the industrial revolution, a new economic paradigm has created a new social behavior based on accelerated production and consumption that is constantly evolving. Due to these cultural changes, family structure has been changing. In effect, we can see how the family system at the present time, regarding the past, has significant differences in terms of structure and family functioning. Therefore, throughout the text will be exposed the different kinds of family that have taken a place in the history. Subsequently, an analysis will be made about the characteristics of the current family. All this is exposed keeping in mind the social, cultural and economic evolution, and how with industrial revolution, the world was divided into two major economies: core countries and peripheral countries1. The traditional family is characterized by have many members and a patriarchal distribution, namely that the power is unequal between women and men. This type of family was the basis of the social and economic structure before the industrial revolution. In this sense, the family was a unit of economic production (agricultural or crafts) and consumption because family and work were closely related: they worked in family, with property and on the grounds of the family and family members (Enguix, 2004). Furthermore, it wasn't something private but a social institution, that is, was an essential structure for the correct articulation of society. Due to this, family was the main transmitter of cultural and religious values. People were educated only or mainly in the family and there also where transmitting cultural values (language, customs, etc.) from one generation to another. Despite this the traditional family having a strong position, with the industrial revolution a nuclear family was created due to the processes of social modernization that the traditional family couldn’t resist. The new type family arose in a context in which...
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