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Evolution of Music

By JasperSauve1 Nov 08, 2012 351 Words
Trace the evolution of the music known as "bop" or "bebop" from the swing era of the 1930s and early 40s, into the 1950s. What developments and artists in the swing era were a precursor to bop? Is Bop a reaction to the swing/ big band style? Why or why not? What are the principle differences between bop and the typical music of the swing/big band era. Name  3  pioneers of the bop style, and why they are significant in the history of jazz. 

Bebop came from swing it did not suddenly appear but gradually develop through the work of swing era musicians. Musician gradulay incoroportarted new techniques by using these new tecnhicuwa it gradulay become a different style. It was not a reaction to swing. Bop developed from the need for more complexity, faster tempos, and less arrangements which meant more improvisation. Bop improvisation, melodies and harmonies were more complex. They preferred small combo instrumentation rather than big band. The rhythms in the eighth-note and sixteenth-note figures were quick and unpredictable, with more syncopation than previous music. The average tempo was faster, largely due to the famous alto saxophonist Charlie Parker. He is considered one of the most brilliant musical figures in the twentieth century due to his unique ways of selecting and accenting notes. His music influenced many saxophonists in the future including Woody Herman’s and Gillespie. Dizzie Gillespie was the first and most important bebop trumpeter. The control he had over his instrument’s high register was extraordinary. Through his combos and big bands many players also went on to play in groups of their own. Thelonious Monk was a pianist and composer. The first bebop composer and pianist. His melodies were unorthodox . His music is said to be perfect and concise. Even whole ablums have been devoted to his music. He influenced many pianists. He was an expert in placing accents in irregular order which is very difficulty to play. He used stride piano techniques, hornlike lines, he was not a conventional player but was so unique that he influenced many more to come.

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