Evolution of Healthcare

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Evolution of Health Care Information Systems
A skilled nursing facility as of the present time versus a skilled nursing facility 20 years ago was very different. The following will compare and contrast the operation of a skilled nursing facility 20 years ago with the operation of Sandrock Ridge Care and Rehab now. The information systems in the workplace and how data was used 20 years ago versus how it is used now will also be identified. Finally, two of the major events and technoligical advantages that have influenced current Health Care Information Systems practices will be described. Compare and Contrast of Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled nursing facilities 20 years ago compared to skilled nursing facility nowadays, are very different. Many rules and regulations have come in to place in the last 20+ years, which make skilled nursing facilities nowadays more quality focused organizations. In 1987 the Nursing Home Reform Amendments of OBRA began to require nursing facilities to promote and protect the rights of each resident. The Resident’s Rights must be posted and followed by all nursing facility employees (Connecticut Legal Services, Inc. , 2000-2007). Violation of Resident’s Rights can lead to immediate termination. The majority of health care documents 20 years ago in skilled nursing facilities were hand-written or typed on a typewriter. Computer information systems had just began to aid the health care industry. Knowledge of computer systems 20 years ago was minute compared to the knowledge nowadays and the expertise in the information technology field has rapidly expanded. In the 1980s, skilled nursing facilities just began using personal computers to process data and do business. Some skilled nursing facilities began introducing billing systems and intergrating financial and administrative information (Wager, Lee, & Glaser, 2005). Information systems 20 years ago were just becoming introduced into the health care field. More rural areas had...
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