every good boy

Topics: Short story, Fiction, KILL Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: February 18, 2014
Searching for you talent is a big part of growing up.
This essay will deal with the parental expectations to their kids and prove that putting to much pressure on them can be fatal.

The protagonist is also the narrator. The protagonist is looking back at his childhood, when he was nine years old trying to figure out his talent. The narrator desires to become a prodigy. He has low self-esteem “Graceless, charmless, physically and socially inept, I lacked event the traditional intelligence of the nerdy” (p.1 l.12 David Nicholls). This paragraph shows his lack of ability’s. Through out the text it becomes clear that the narrator is stubborn, since he keeps on playing the piano even though he is terrible at it. Also he has no support from his parents. “Her ears, she said, were bleeding. It was, she said, like having her head slammed in a car door over and over again. I was, she said, doing her head in. I was killing her.” (p.4 l. 7 Nichools). This quotation shows the parental lack of support. As a kid you are more likely to believe in what you parents tell you. From this quotation it also becomes clear, that it’s the narrators mother who has indoctrinated the narrator into thinking that he are able to kill with people with his lack of skills on a piano. “…I knew that she was dead and that this was my fault and that I had killed her with Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer”. I had stopped her heart.” (p.4 l.18 Nicholls). The quotations shown above contain irony. An Entertainer is a person who holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and delight. Mrs Chin fells all but entertained when the protagonist plays the piano. In the short story you will find several examples of similes. “She reached across and carefully removed my hand from the keyboard, as if taking a knife from a psychopath” (p.2 l.27 David Nicholls). This paragraph is also a foreshadowing telling the reader about the fact that in the hands of the narrator, the piano will act...
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