every child is special

Topics: Suicide, California ranchos, Suicide methods Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: July 26, 2014
I watched this movie last week. It’s all about following your dreams, love, friendship and importance of education. Rancho, is a smart person and he study at Imperial College of Engineering(ICE) and there he met Fahran and Raju. Fahran wants to be a wildlife photographer but he studies engineering to pusue his father’s wish. Raju studies to raise his family’s fortune while Rancho has a passion on machine.

They are many scene that impress me, for example, the professor(which they call him “Virus”) ordered Rancho to teach his fellow classmates. He wrote two words on the blackboard and let all his classmates including the professor to find its meaning but they never got the answer. In fact it doesn’t exist. Rancho emphasized that students should study in the reason that they are interested on something fresh. If you have a passion on something go for it and never let anyone gets on your way and just foolow your dreams. There are some scenes that made me cry. One, is when a graduating student is passing his invention to the professor but instead of considering it he told the boy to call his father and told him that he fails and will never graduate. Because of anger he threw he’s invention and Rancho who is there watching gets it and he the one finishes it. Rancho wants to surprise the guy by flying it onto the room but they were shocked because the have suicide. They ran into the guy’s room but he was already dead. Another scene is when Raju went to school drunk and Virus threatens to expel him if he squeals on Rancho. Raju not wanting to betray his friend, jumps out on the window and ends up in a comma. Rancho did everything just to wake he’s buddy. And all there hardwork paid off. Raju was awaken from comma. I really cried on this part because it shows how close they are and how tight is there friendship. They are always there helping each other. The last scene that I cried is when Fahran confessed to his father about his dream to be a wildlife photographer,...
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