Events that led to the cold war

Topics: Cold War, World War II, Eastern Bloc, Soviet Union / Pages: 4 (878 words) / Published: Mar 17th, 2014
Event that led to the Cold War There were many events that took place after World War 2 that set in motion the Cold War and continued creating tension. Many of these events involved many countries and/ or their support either financially or with military personal. The main focus of the Yalta conference was to plan the post war world. In other words, Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin met and planned what they would like to happen after the war was over. Germany invaded Poland, their government, leaders fled to Britain. The Soviet Union sent their military to help out Poland. What the Soviet troops did was that they drove back the Germans to enter Poland. Once the Soviet troops won control over Poland from the Germans, the Poland government was encouraged to set up a new system of government. Since the polish government created a new system of government, there were now two types of governments, one was the communist, and the other was non- communist. Now the two systems of government wanted to claim the right to govern Poland. Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin agreed to issue the Declaration of Liberated Europe, in which this declaration assured that the people of Poland would determine the type of government they wanted. People would now have a choice to be determined to be communist or non- communist. Once the 3 men agreed to the principles for liberating Europe the conference focused on Germany. After the conference the 3 men agreed to divide Germany into four zones. Great Britain, the United States, the Soviet Union, and France each took control over one of those 4 zones. The city of Berlin, which belonged to the zone where the Soviets were granted control. The city of Berlin was divided into 4 more countries. Not only did they divide Germany into 4 zones, but they also wanted to weaken Germany’s economy. Stalin demanded that Germany would have to pay heavy reparations for the damage that they did during the war. Roosevelt suggested that Germany did not

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