Event Research on the Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Topics: Gold Coast, Queensland, Event management, Joe Goldblatt Pages: 9 (2350 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Event Research Report
Gold Goast Airport Marathon

Name: Laura Darlington (1056514)
Course: Event Management (TSM314)
Tutor: David Gration
Course Co-ordinator: David Gration
Date due: 14 August 2013

Word count: 1491

Table of contents

2.0Explanation of event research findings5
2.1Event type5
2.2Governing body5
2.3History of event5
2.4Management contact information6
2.5Event organiser’s management structure6
2.7The event and its activities10
2.8Target markets11
2.9Competitive environment11
2.10Sponsorship arrangements11
3.1Unique characteristics of the event12
3.2Event stakeholders13
4.0Reference List15
Appendix 1 Gold Coast Airport Marathon Sponsors16

List of Tables
Table 1Management information6
Table 2Race Schedule10
Table 3Main Stage Schedule10
Table 4Sponsors and their contributions12

List of Figures
Figure 1Structure of Gold Coast Events organisers7
Figure 2Race Precinct map8
Figure 3Marathon map8

Executive Summary
This report provides brief research into the elements that formulate the Gold Coast Airport Marathon. It is considered to be one of the premier marathon races in the world. It has been a successfully run event for 35 years and this will continue into the future. A competitor event is the Kokoda Challenge which is held within the same month as the marathon and is located on the Gold Coast. The course is approximately double the length and it contains a larger fundraising element than the marathon. It is up to individual interest as to which event is the preferred choice. The unique characteristics of the event are provided. These briefly include the location, the course, weather, national recognition and mentor opportunities. These are the factors that set the Gold Coast Airport Marathon apart from other marathons. Event stakeholders and their relationships with the marathon are identified and briefly discussed. All stakeholders evident include the host community, media, participants/spectators, sponsors and co-workers. They all contribute a vital role to the event and its outcome. 1.0Introduction

This report was authorised by Event Management course co-ordinator David Gration and is being produced to provide research on an existing event and analyse the findings. 1.3Limitations
Limitations that were evident in the production of this report were limited information in some areas and the 1500 word limit. 1.2Scope
This report will present research findings on the Gold Coast Airport Marathon. The history, management, location, competitors, sponsorship and target markets will be discussed. Following this, features that make the event unique and event stakeholders will be discussed. 2.0Explanation of event research findings

2.1Event type
The Gold Coast Airport Marathon is an iconic event. The marathon enhances awareness and profitability of a tourist destination therefore categorising it as a hallmark event. It can also be considered as a local/community event as it uses volunteer services from the host community and is considered ‘owned’ by a community (Allen et al. 2011). The event includes a marathon, half marathon, 10km run, 5.7km walk, 4km junior dash and a 2km junior dash. 2.2Governing body

The Gold Coast Airport Marathon is owned and managed by Events Queensland Gold Coast, a subsidiary of Events Queensland on behalf of the Queensland Government. 2.3History of event
The first Gold Coast Airport Marathon was held on 2 September 1979 and has been held annually since then. From attracting 691 participants in 1979 to a massive 28,224 in 2012, this marathon continues to be one of the most successful marathons. In 2010, it celebrated its 32nd year and extended to a two day event. In...
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