Evaluation of the Movie Rush Hour 3

Topics: Jackie Chan, Rush Hour, Chris Tucker Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: April 28, 2008
Most of us, probably watched at least one of the movies from the Rush Hour trilogy. These movies are hilarious and include lots of action scenes. You will laugh during this movie until your abs hurt and tears come out of your eyes. If you liked the first two parts, you will probably like the third one too. The main characters in this movie are Chief Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) and Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker). The Chinese Ambassador is attacked and Lee is supposed to protect him. At this point Carter comes to help him. They should find out who are people who want to kill the Ambassador and should protect his family. After being a long time away from each, they must co-operate and become friends again. The good parts of Rush Hour 3 are the entertaining and funny scenes, the action and fights. But on the other hand the plot of the film doesn’t leave a good impression on its auditorium.

The funny and interesting scenes are probably one of the most attractive parts of the movies Rush Hour. They are also a feature of the third film. Chief Inspector Lee and Detective James Carter are always involved in some hilarious incidents. As in the previous parts of the Rush Hour trilogy, James Carter is a very funny character; he constantly tells jokes and gets into trouble because of his big mouth and silly things done. Inspector Lee is just the opposite of Carter, and this contrast between the two main characters is what makes it really funny. Many times they do not understand each other and even more, Lee is upset on Carter, because of an event in the second Rush Hour. One hilarious event is when they get to Paris and the taxi driver doesn’t want to give them a ride, because Carter is an American and he hates Americans. At this moment Carter points with his gun at the driver’s head and tells him to sing the anthem of the United States.

Some other characteristic things for all these movies from this trilogy, including Rush Hour 3 are the action scenes, chases and...
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