Evaluate the effectiveness of the recommended controls in reducing the incidents or harm or injury.

Topics: Risk, Hazard, Warning sign Pages: 3 (839 words) Published: September 24, 2014
Evaluate the effectiveness of the recommended controls in reducing the incidents or harm or injury.

When I visited Mulgrave house I noticed a number of hazards which could have affected several people including residents at the home, members of staff and visitors to the home. In the risk assessment I also recommended some controls in an a attempt to reduce the risk of harm of injury for these people, but how effective were they really?

Wires trailing around the lounge area – At Mulgrave house there were wires, from electrical appliances such as the TV, trailing around the lounge area which posed a risk to the residents and any staff who were walking around the room. My recommendation was to keep the wires to the edges of the room, and if necessary you could place warning signs in the room to let them know that there is a hazard. By keeping the wires to the edge of the room it is reducing the risk of people tripping over them, and it is quite an effective method of reducing the risk of incidents occurring. However the wires may not be long enough to reach the edges of the room and the layout of the room may have to be rethought. Chairs sticking out in the dining area – In the dining area, when people had finished their meal, there would be chairs left sticking out. This could cause a problem if there was an emergency because the staff may not be able to get there as fast as possible, or an elderly person may hit their hip on the chair and cause injury. I recommended that staff should put the chairs in if the residents forget, and to remind the residents to put them back after use. However a lot of the residents are very elderly and may forget to do this, and members of staff could be too busy to be pushing chairs in after everybody. Spilled water in the bathrooms (without signs) – In the bathroom I noticed that there had been a spillage of water, and the staff hadn’t put any signs up to warn people about it. If a resident, or even a member of staff,...
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