Eutrophication: Water and Clear Class Combined

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Eutrophication is an increase in the amount of plant nutrients in a body of water(Ford-2000). A Eutorhication process that takes a long period of time to occur. It involves the transformation of a new lake and an old one. Because it has clear water and low nutrient content the young lake is called oligotrophic, and the older lake is different in that it is murky water and has a high level of nutrient, which is called atrophic. This process is natural and since it is it takes a long period of time to occur. For a eutrophic lake to become oliogotrophic it can take thousands of years. There is rapid plant and algae growth, which is called cultural eutrophication, which can have adverse affects on a body of water. This can lower the quality of the water in the process. A very similar experiment was the one that was performed in class using temperature, nutrients, algae, dissolved oxygen, organic matter, and sediment relationships.(Elsevier Science Publishing Co.-2005)

Freshwater resources can be associated with the eutrophication lab. Beside what we humans may believe only 2.5 percent of water on the earth is freshwater. As well as that being known, only very little of the water on earth is even drinkable, and the parts that are, are being consumed faster than they are being replenished. A pollutant that causes extreme damage to the human health is Fecal Coliform, and it's become a major concern for not being able to drink water. Mainly because it contains diseases causing bacteria.(Ford-2000) There are several other things that can be found in our water that can be harmful to us. For instants the streams and ground waters found in Colorado is an example. The waster water chemicals that are used everyday in our homes, work place, and agriculture; which include detergents, disinfectants, fragrances, and pesticides.(Sprague, Battaglin-2004) These different waster chemicals can enter into our water by way of different things. For example through disposal systems and runoff from land application in agricultural and urban areas are reasons for why this happens. Situations such as these have occurred in Colorado and different studies are being conducted to prevent this from happening in other places. There are new water policies that have been created to have relied on the massive construction of dams pipe lines, aqueducts and complex centralized treatment plants to meet human demands. Even though humans have increased for more water, billions of other people have at least benefited through the new water policies. Of course there are still many problems that need to be that have to be completed such as the social economical and ecological cost.Gleick-2003)


My hypothesis is that in this experiment the water from the Tennessee River will become polluted once we add the nitrate and phosphorous to the water.

Freshwater Resources

My hypothesis of this experiment is that the water samples from the Tennessee River and from above and below the cow crossing will be polluted. Material and Methods


The experiment was performed October 17-26th, 2005. Four 100 ml graduated cylinders were filled with 90 ml of water from the Tennessee River. Each cylinder was labeled control, nitrate, phosphate, and nitrate and phosphate. Nothing was added to the control cylinder. The nitrate cylinder was added with 15 drops of nitrate solution. The phosphate cylinder added 15 drops of phosphate solution. And the nitrate and phosphate cylinder added 15 drops of nitrate solution and 15 drops of phosphate. Each cylinder was put under a grow lamp with a piece of paper covering it. Each cylinder was observed on Day 1, Day 3, and Day 7. The observation included the color, odor, and the dissolved oxygen. A member of each group went back to the lab to get the results for that day. An average was taken of the numbers and they were graphed. After each observation day was over in...
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