Euthanasia and Why Its Wrong

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There are several reasons why Euthanasia is wrong. I’m just going to name a few. First is because it doesn’t just effect the person choosing it, it also effects the family of the person choosing assisted suicide . Also another reason that euthanasia is wrong is because if you do choose assisted suicide you never know what’s going to happen after that moment. For all that you know it could get a whole lot better than what you are at that moment. The last but definitely not least is that Euthanasia denies the patients the final stage of growth. The first reason that I’m going to talk about is how that choosing assisted suicide and/or Euthanasia doesn’t just effect the person choosing it. It also effects the family of that person. In a normal situation of dying there is a process that the family goes through. That process helps the family slowly get used to the idea of letting go of that loved one. If the person chooses euthanasia then its all of a sudden and it could leave a huge negative impact on the family members. So you have to realize that its not all about you. The second reason is that you never know what's going to happen after you have already chosen to die. Lets say that you have multiple sclerosis and you want to choose assisted suicide and then you don’t choose it and then you have a wonderful life after that with a loving family and grandchildren. Then you look back and your so happy that you didn’t choose assisted suicide. Look at it what if you did choose it then you would have never had that experience. So you really have something to think about before you just jump in and opt for euthanasia.

The last reason that Euthanasia is wrong is because it denies the final stage of growth. During the stage of terminal illness it gives the ability to the patient to be able to reflect on there past events. They can decide whether or not they believe they have had a successful life. Also in terminal illness is gives the patient...
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