Topics: Palliative care, Death, Euthanasia Pages: 4 (1555 words) Published: October 30, 2014
Euthanasia: The Debate of Legalization

Euthanasia is derived from the Greek word that ultimately means “good death”(Ahmed, 2012). The dispute surrounding euthanasia has been an on going argument for many decades. Society has always indicated mixed feelings regarding this controversial subject. The government allows humanity to euthanize animals, especially the terminally ill. A human’s life should be looked at in the same context, because no one should be left to live in pain or suffering. Dr. Jack Kevorkian also known to society as “Dr. Death” disputed the legalization of euthanasia for the majority of his life. When he passed, he left a legacy that would forever change the debate in the United States (Murphy, 2011). Human euthanasia should be legal because of its benefits, eases the caregiver burden, and gives the ailing person the choice of when and how they die. Those that argue against euthanasia have ignored the benefits it brings not only to society but the economy as well. Every 10 minutes, someone is being added to the National Organ Transplant list and the numbers are on the rise. As of 2013, there are a total of 121,272 people that are currently on the waiting list for an organ and the age range is from one year old to sixty-five+ years (Donate The Gift Of Life, n.d.). As a result of organ transplants, there are a large number of people whose lives have been saved, and for many others their quality of life has been restored. However, there are not enough viable organs to go around and people end up passing away while waiting for one to become available. Euthanasia provides society with viable organs that can be harvested from an individual who no longer has the desire to live or passes in a hospital (Wilkinson & Savulescu, 2012). With the right of euthanasia the ailing patient can choose to close this painful chapter, and open the door for an individual who is waiting for a second chance at life. Caregivers and family members suffer physical,...

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