Kevorkian Essay

Topics: Right to die, Suicide, Morality Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Mrs. Jones
Intro to Healthcare
14 November 2012
Kevorkian Essay
Jack Kevorkian- known as “Dr. Death”- was a man who had ignited a countrywide firestorm of argument after supervising and admitting at least 130 assisted suicides (Gray). “His first publicity acknowledged assisted suicide took place in 1990, but continued well through the decade as proponents and opponents of assisted suicide argued over the morality and ethics of helping the infirm end their suffering.” (Gray). The researcher believes what Kevorkian did is legally agreeable because his patients had control over their life, how he performed these actions, how this relates to society and how he consumed his patient’s consent.

Kevorkian’s patients should have full, complete control over their decisions in life, not the Government, not God, not their families, not the doctors, nobody but the patients. “Kevorkian’s assisted suicides were done humanly as possible, as a society, we do the same thing, and we have done throughout our history. We have put down animals, other humans, and criminals.”(Reynolds). The humane society puts down animals when they are severely injured, or too sick to survive. We also end the lives of patients in the hospitals for extreme cases who cannot breathe on their own, who are in comas, or who lives off of machines. These actions are based off of the families’ wishes, and the patient’s will and acknowledgement of what they want done, which is their legal right. Another example would be criminals; we have put down men and women throughout our history who has committed crimes against our society. We have done this brutally from everything from chopping off heads, to electric chairs, to gas chambers. As a society, we have agreed that lethal injection is the most humane way to put a criminal down, and it is used to this day. This technique was the technique that resembles Dr. Kevorkian’s, means and was done humanely as possible. This is not really a legal...

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