Europe vs Africa

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My IAT Race Activity results said my automatic preference was European Americans opposed to African Americans. They used pictures of men and women and I was asked to distinguish them by looking at them. Afterwards I was asked to categorize good words like “joy” “happy” or “respectful” with the word “good” and bad words like “angry” “agony” “guilty” or “jealousy” with the word “bad”. In the end the word good was categorized with European Americans and the word bad was categorized with African Americans and vise versa. Due to these tests it was concluded that I slightly prefer European Americans opposed to African Americans.

I slightly agree that I prefer European Americans to African Americans, although I wouldn’t exactly use the word “prefer”. I am half European so I can say I have been around Europeans more. I was born and raised in America. I grew up around all type of ethnicities. I don’t look at color, I look at qualities of a person and accept them by that. My biggest quality I look at is respect. If you don’t respect yourself don’t expect to be respected. Another quality is the way you treat people. If you treat me with respect you will always have my respect regardless of your color. Once you made your bed you need to lay in it.

The accuracy of this test was a little off. I don’t agree with the percentages they gave me comparing European Americans and Africans. The type of tests that were given was almost a memory game. Once you get used to pressing one key for one category and they asked you to switch that’s more the reason why I got confused, not because of the actual category that it was. That is where I feel the test was inaccurate with its results.

In Conclusion, this test should not be acceptable to measure people’s perception on race. Someone’s perception on some one cannot be determined by a matching game. This game was more memorization of where the categories and buttons are compared to actually paying attention to the...
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