Eulogy for My Great Grandmother

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Eulogy for my great grandmother Rosario Lagrimas(lola Ayo)

She was born in Northern Samar and married to Adriano for more than 50 years. Gave birth to 6 children, and they are Agripino (the Eldest/Lolo Pinoy), Anita(Lola Aning), Dominador(Lolo Doming), Ronaldo(Lolo Wado), Norma(Inse/Lola Norma) and Nimfa(Mamay Nimfa/Youngest). She had gone to Manila to take good care of her grandchildren, who were Maria Paz, Estela and Rodrigo.

The “Snowbear” candy, drinking coffee in the midst of cold and rainy weather, a manual cloth repair, simplicity, patience, love, care and resourcefulness, these are the things that reminds me of my Great Grandmother Rosario Lagrimas or as we call her lola Ayo. She lived a simple and happy life before she suffered a disease called cerebrovascular disease or stroke. Lola Ayo is a nice mother to her children, a caring grandmother to her four grandsons and granddaughter, and the most loving and sweetest wife to my Lolo Ardy. According to my mother, Lola was a disciplinarian but never laid hands nor hurt them when they were growing up or even our relatives. She always tells us that “It is fine with her to get hurt but not her children especially the youngest”. She is a good adviser. I always remember her pleasant smile and a chortling laugh. She likes family gatherings and listening to songs, a grandmother that you can easily laugh with, who is not short-tempered and love kids. Sometimes, she reprimanded her children whenever they made a mistake but she’s doing it for their own good.

She lived a full life, complete with laughter and sorrow. As we gather today, although we will miss her physical presence in our lives, let’s not just grieve, but also celebrate her life as it was fully lived. As we talk and visit, let’s share our memories, as her Spirit continues to live in all of us. We will miss you Lola Ayo… We love you so much…
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