Ethiopian Immigrants in the United States and Israel: A Preliminary Comparison

Topics: Ethiopia, Sudan, Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Pages: 2 (1016 words) Published: October 25, 2014

Ethiopian Immigrants in the United States and Israel: A Preliminary Comparison Steven Kaplan
POLS 2280
Dr. Jeff DeWitt
September 17, 2014
Kaplan, Steven. 2010. “Ethiopian Immigrants in the United States and Israel: A Preliminary Comparison.” International Journal of Ethiopia Studies 5:71-92 Most of the Ethiopian immigrants have settled in the US and Israel. In examining more about the immigrants, it seems that there are many differences among the two. In order to break down these differences Steven Kaplan has provided different features such as demographics, migration and resettlement, geographic distribution, education and employment, domestic life, religious organization, political activity, race and racism. The theory behind all of these different features is to prove and explain that immigrant’s characteristics cannot be explained by just one specific way. There are a significant amount of the Ethiopian community in the United States and Israel. Even though the Ethiopian community is growing in these countries there has not been enough research done to have a depth understanding of the way they live and the way they are. There is so much more to immigrants than just statistics which is the focus of this article. Among all other Ethiopian communities the communities in these two countries have the largest population. According to Kaplan, the main divide between the two is religious in a way that Ethiopian Orthodox Christians tend to settle in US and the Jewish in Israel. This does not mean that these communities have different foundation because most of them actually come from similar places in Ethiopia. There are some variables talked about in this journal where education and age plays a big role in the immigrant’s destiny from Ethiopia. Education and age playing the big role here the way US and Israel approach situations are different. US does not focus too much on helping the immigrant finding places to stay or help them readjust. In Israel helping...
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