Ethics and Morals in Marriage

Topics: Family, Marriage, Divorce Pages: 4 (1436 words) Published: December 11, 2005
"Can I spend the night with you tonight" the young boy asks the other boy? The response, "No, my dad has me this weekend, maybe next week." We live in a world where over half of the marriages end in divorce. This is truly a confounding issue that faces us today. The moral and ethical ramifications brought about by such a change in family organization will only begin to show in the years to come. Some of these issues are addressed in both Laurie Abraham's "Divorced Father," and Barbara Whitehead's "Women and the Future of Fatherhood."

Where did this all begin? Well, of course all the demoralizing things that can be seen on television have not helped to build strong values in our society. We can no longer expect to watch a game of football without seeing a woman's breast. Our society is truly crumbling before our eyes. The younger generations now view sex in a more liberal way than ever before. They feel that they can have sex and not face the consequences later. These teens then face a harsh reality of having to raise a child having no experience doing so. The teen parent cannot rely on his or her partner because he or she does not know anything as well, and the partner feels trapped in a marriage they did not want, but cannot leave. The couple in-turn turns to their parents for guidance. Having a child is hard enough when it is brought in loving family who is prepared for him or her, but when it is burden for the mother and father, then problems are sure to arise. The young couple has a possibility of surviving these hard times, but the reality is that they will most likely not be able to deal with it. They will either tear away at each other, or grow bored with the lust that has faded with time. Divorce is band-aid society has for them, a solution that leaves the children with a missing link.

The product of this marriage is a child raised by parents who knew nothing about rearing a child, and who now knows nothing about a proper and loving...
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