Ethics and Local Governance

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Case Study 1 Ethics and Local Governance
Intro To Info Technology

In the London Borough of Bren customer data records were kept in twelve different areas all of which were incomplete. This caused a lot of incorrect assumptions on the part of the workers. It had become a hassle and very time consuming. So they decided to use an American company program to consolidate each of these records into one convenient online record management system. They were really pleased with the outcome they were seeing with this new idea of theirs and decided to end the trial run and start turning more people onto this program. More peoples’ records were starting to be placed into an online database. However, they did not previously obtain permission to place this information online from the people. This violates a couple of normal ethical practices. Some people enjoy their privacy and do not want their information online. Individual records are now being fully put together and placed onto the internet allowing for quicker access to personal information; even from hackers. This paper will describe how some of these things could be unethical if used improperly. Have you ever had a secret you did not want anyone to know about? Did you tell your best friend who then decided to tell another one of his friends until eventually everyone knew your secret? Did that make you feel violated or frustrated that it happened? It probably did and the same thing could happen with these records. All of these records are being placed into a single location so everyone could view your information without you giving it to them. All they need to do is access your name. This is a direct violation of your ethical rights. If your information is posted into an online database the people should have your permission before doing so. If they do not or you are unaware of it happening it could easily lead to distrust from the normal citizens. You should have the right to choose if and what information...

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