Ethical Lens Inventory Reflection

Topics: Problem solving, Virtue, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (831 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Ethical Lens Inventory Reflection

My personal ethical lens is “Rights-responsibility and results lens.” The ethics game defines this lens as “I balance rationality and my intuition to decide how to complete tasks for the best of an individual.” Ethical lens report The results of the Ethical Lens Inventory (ELI) state my strengths as making choices for the greater good of everyone involved. I make it priority that each person’s rights are protected to assure everyone in the community is treated fairly. My opinion of ethical behavior is a person who does their job and does the right this as an individual. Meaning by making the right choice as an individual you can make several people happy at one time. When problem solving I analyze the problem thoroughly. I also take in considerations all options that are available to effectively solve the problem. After completing the research of new information I also keep in mind things that have worked for me in the past. I incorporate new information and my past experiences to solve the situation at hand. My weaknesses are defined as believing that my best is good enough. I feel as though I am content as long as I have succeeded. I can sometimes cause upset and pain unintentionally because of this. Another weakness is thinking because someone does not do things my way that it is not being done properly. I tend to become narrow minded. The ELI states I can become judgmental. It also states I may hold to high of expectations for those around me, and I can be an overachiever. It also said I should be careful not to cause failure for myself but putting too much on my plate. Many of my weaknesses can be very hurtful, and I need to be very aware of them. The ELI defines my blind spot as “Belief that motive justifies method or your own good is good.” “I sometimes fail to be accountable for those who are depending on me. I become complacent once I have satisfied my own needs, leaving others to...
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