Ethical Decision Making Matrix

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Virtue Pages: 6 (1100 words) Published: December 31, 2013
Trevino & Nelson Ethical Decision Making (Privacy Pressures TEAM 2)

1. Gather the Facts.
2. Define the Ethical Issues (I) in moral terms (e.g., Is X action morally right, given Y?). 3. Identify the affected Parties.
Utilitarian ViewVirtue Ethics
4. Identify the Consequences. State:
(a) the consequentialist principle (CP) used to assess the actions of the decision maker (e.g., egoism, utilitarianism); (b) the standard implicit in this principle (e.g., action in my long-term self-interest); (c) the key potential consequences for each of the affected parties; (d) the extent to which each consequence undermines (U) or supports (S) the issue based on the CP selected.An action is morally right if it yield the greatest good for the greatest number of people (greatest balance between good and bad consequences)An action is morally right if it meets the highest ethical standards of the relevant moral community

a) Utilitarian View

b) Standard implicit: Greatest good for the greatest number of people

c) Key potential consequences for affected parties

If Scott and HomeConnection remove the web bugs

*Scott and HomeConnection (HC):
1)HC responds to customer concerns (S)
2)HC uses as a marketing campaign (i.e. they listen to customers and will heavily restrict privacy becoming an industry leader (S) 3)HC may gain additional customers by removing web bugs (S) 4)HC needs to modify privacy policy again to say that they will not use web bugs (S) 5)Marketing team needs to find another method for generating business (U) 6)Missing data source from ad clicks for targeted marketing (U) 7)Inability to use discounts & $25 promotion (U)

1)Care about web bugs & don’t want them (S)
2)Some don’t care about the web bugs (S)
3)Web bugs may provide HC with an opportunity to create a better experience for the customer (U) 4)Miss out on discounts and $25 referral fee (U)

*AOL (and other service providers):
1)HC loses customers even if they remove web
bugs (U)
2)Removing web bugs keeps HC customers with HC (S)
3)Lose customers to HC because HC responds to concerns and removes web bugs (S)

*Double Dealer (DD):
1)DD gets more work from HC due to choosing another method of marketing/tracking (U) 2)More difficult than simply tracking clicks (U)
3)Could become known in the industry as the “spy marketing firm” (U)

*Well Know Privacy Expert (PE):
1) PE opinion appears justified (S)
2) Creates niche market to advise ISP
companies (S)

a) Virtue Ethics

b) Standard implicit: Highest ethical standards of relevant moral community

c) Key potential consequences for affected parties

If Scott and HomeConnection remove the web bugs

*Scott and HomeConnection (HC):
1) Everyday consumers recognize HC as industry leader with strong integrity (S) 2) Professional Internet community understands basic need for data extraction and dismisses actions of HC (U) 3) HC loses competitive advantage with both data tracking and inability to offer discounts (U) 4) HC avoids regulatory or government engagement related to privacy (S)

1) Appreciation for action of HC (S)
2) Lack of interest in HC action (S/U)
3) Loss of discounts (U)
4) Distracted by privacy issue which reduces utilization of current customers (U)

*AOL (and other service providers):
1) Large enough to tolerate minor push back from customers and take no action (U) 2) Take action in response to customers (S)
3) Capitalize on dramatic moment to highlight competitive advantages compared to HC (U) 4) Use political power to influence policy makers of the need for such data (U)

*Double Dealer (DD):
1) Lack of data tracking impacts ease of work therefore cost goes up (U) 2) Uses customer feedback to create marketing plan focused to privacy protection (S) 3) Becomes known as the ISP marketing firm and grow to other...
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