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Ethical code

By boltona Feb 22, 2014 925 Words
Unit 2A PSY: Task 1- Ethics in Psychology

TYPE: Response

OBJECTIVE: On completion of this task the student should be able to explain how the field of psychology provides scientific explanations of behaviour with particular principles, procedures and approaches to data.

Task 1: Ethics in Psychology (5%)
With reference to the movie ‘The Truman Show’ write a 500 word essay in which you explain how psychological ethics that relate to this film.

How long will you need?
Class time to watch the Truman Show and discuss key elements – Approximately 3 periods

What you need to do
1. Watch the movie the Truman show and make notes on the ethical issues dilemmas

2. Write your essay using a format of your choice and include Referencing.

3. Possible inclusions for your essay:

The role of the experimenter and their professional conduct
Summary of ethical guidelines in psychological research
Ethical considerations of the experiment on Truman
An explanation of the participant’s rights that were violated (ethical guidelines breached) Examples from the movie to support your statements/ arguments. Accurately define key terms as used e.g. Beneficence is…

Marking Key
Assessment Criteria
Level of Achievement

1. Accurate definitions and explanations
2. Use of appropriate examples
3. Demonstrated an understanding of key
4. An ability to analyse information
5. Clear and concise written explanation
6. Spelling and grammar
7. Used correct APA referencing

YES (1)
NO (0)



What needs to be handed in for assessment
Due date
Completed essay
20th February

25th February

Teacher Comments and Feedback


Personal Reflection

Areas I completed well ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Areas I need to improve ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

An essay should contain:1.INTRODUCTION

An essay structure:
a.An introduction. This section, usually one paragraph in length, should briefly introduce and establish the essential point or argument of your essay. It should contain a thesis statement. The thesis statement is: one sentence which directly states your essay’s main argument/opinion/idea. It works well if you make it the last sentence of your introduction.

b.A body. A number of paragraphs in which you explain, develop and illustrate your argument. You would have at least three paragraphs in the body of a simple essay but then build the number of paragraphs when you have more ideas to discuss and are required to write longer essays. REMEMBER one main point per paragraph.

c.A conclusion. Usually one paragraph in which the essay’s argument is summarised andcompleted.

PLANNING Begin by asking yourself about the purpose of your writing.

There are three types of words to identify:
1. Task words … tell you how you should approach the subject matter, how to deal with the material and what focus your writing should take. 2. Topic words…are the nouns, verbs and adjectives which define the subject of the topic. 3. The limiting words…set the limits of your essay determining where to start and to stop.

With reference to the movie ‘The Truman Show’ write a 600-800 word essay in which you explain how psychological ethics relate to this film
topic words limiting words task


There are three kinds of paragraphs that you must be able to use in formal essays. Each of these has a specific function in terms of the type of information it presents.


The Introduction
(1 paragraph)

Should tell the reader where you about to take them just as a signpost direct travellers. It should: Explain what a code of ethics is.
Explain who is governed by a code of ethics.
Explain what the principles behind a code of ethics are (these will become paragraph topics). Explain why it is important to have a code of ethics.
Briefly explain how the movie ‘The Truman Show’ relates to the ethical principles of Psychology.

The Body Paragraphs

Each body paragraph is based on a topic prepared for in your plan. It must fit into the essay’s sequence of paragraphs by making links with the question and other paragraphs.

Paragraph 1
Choose one relevant ethical principle (e.g. Beneficence) as your topic for this paragraph. Begin with a topic sentence stating what the paragraph will be about e.g. Beneficence is… Explain whether the principle of beneficence was or was not upheld in the movie ‘The Truman Show’ Use a specific example from the movie that proves your point. If the movie did not uphold this principle explain what they should have done. Or

If the movie did uphold the principle, did this cause conflict with another ethical principle?

Paragraph 2
Choose a different ethical principle (e.g. Informed consent) as your topic for this paragraph. Begin with a topic sentence stating what the paragraph will be about e.g. Informed consent is…

Continue as for format in Paragraph 1 as necessary.

The Conclusion
(1 paragraph)

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