Code of Ethics

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23 November 2010
Table of Contents

2Values of the Organization2
3ABC Recruitment Firm’s needs2
3.1Confidentiality and Privacy2
3.3Interdisciplinary collaboration3
3.6Commitment to Clients4
3.7Informed Consent5
3.8Derogatory Language5
4Reference to Legislation5
4.1State Legislation5
4.2Commonwealth Legislation6
5Consequences for Breach of Code6
Disciplinary Process7
5.1Clear Rules7
5.2Rules and Regulations7
5.3Appeals Process8
6.1Termination Notice9
6.2Termination Procedures9
Appendix A. Memorandum12

ABC recruitment firm has requested this Code of ethics and conduct due to an increasing number of internal conflicts product of the economy downturn in the property sector. This code of ethics forms part of company’s manual of ethical issues to confront day to day conflicts in the workplace. ABC recruitment firm considers this code as an agreement employment for all member of the company. The purpose of this code of ethics is to set ethical principles and standards to guide employees and management conduct. This is designed to help the company meet relevant needs and considerations when internal conflict arises. Likewise, this familiarizes employees with company’s mission, values and principles and gives the opportunity to assess unethical conducts for sanctions. Lastly, this code is to present formal procedures to adjudicate complaints filed against team members. On implementing this code, it is required that team members make significant contribution in its implementation, adjudication and compliance of all rulings covered on it. Scope

This code of ethics and conduct is relevant to all ABC recruitment firm staff, regardless their functions and responsibilities, or area of operations.

Values of the Organization
ABC recruitment firm is rooted in a set of core values that provide common criteria of conduct and behavior for all team members within ABC recruitment firm. These core values represent the company’s history that clearly reflects unique focuses and purposes: * Reliability: at ABC we will tell clients what we will do and we will do what clients will be told. * Right decision makers: at ABC decisions are made on a strategic basis rather than emotion or momentary excitement. * Team work: we strongly believe two heads think better than one, and team work will always offer better results. * Competence: at ABC we are constantly figuring out how to improve and provide better service to our clients. * A step further: our team members will always look for exceed client expectations with confidence, enthusiasm and overall results. ABC Recruitment Firm’s needs

Confidentiality and Privacy
* Employees must protect the confidentiality of information acquired in the course of their work activities. * This information cannot be released in any circumstance, unless this is act is specifically authorized by the involved party. * Management is responsible for ensuring that staff maintains confidentiality in all information that is acquired within the company. * Employees constantly share personal and professional information within the working environment. Colleagues must carefully ensure the respect and confidentiality of this information in order to not affect third parties. * Employees must not disclose any piece of information outside the organization, specifically information that has not been already communicated to the public, clients or candidates. Integrity

* Employees must properly act with sincerity, integrity and honesty in their approach to serve the community...
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