Ethical Behavior Paper

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June 11, 2013
Ethical Behavior Paper

Ethics is the term we give to our concern for good behavior. It’s human nature to not only be concerned with our own personal well being, but also that of others and of human society as a whole. Business ethics is very similar to normal every day ethics in that it involves being fully aware of what we’re doing, including the complications and consequences of our actions. Being aware of ethics in business requires us to be aware of two things. First, we have to have a need with complying with rules, such as laws, customs and expectations of the community, the principles of morality and the policies of the organization and such general concerns as the needs of others and fairness. Second, we should know how the products and services of the business, the actions of its members, could affect its employees, the community and the society as a whole, either positively or negatively.

Good ethics means good business is the viewpoint of many businesses. Businesses and their managers take ethics seriously. They reason their way through ethical problems and acceptable solutions. Businesses themselves have several responsibilities, many of them being ethical. First, they have the priority of making jobs. Once they create a job, it’s their responsibility to see that hard work and talent are fairly rewarded. When employees feel they are being treated fairly and with respect, they return the favor back to their management by following orders and doing any tasks assigned to them.

Managers of a business sometimes lose their ethical perspective when making decisions that affect people. Perhaps they are busy, or maybe they just don’t take the time to think through the consequences of their decision. When unethical decisions are made, everyone loses in the long run, both the company and the person making the unethical decision. Managers must support the company’s code of conduct. Correct ethical behavior has to start from the top, the owners, and the managers and then passed on to the employees. If the managers do not have good ethical behavior then no one will. Managers have to set high expectations from the beginning. If ethical behavior is ignored then the employees and everyone else will think the rules are allowed to be broken. Managers and the employers have to go through training to understand, and to follow the ethical behavior. The most successful way of making sure these ethical behaviors are followed is by enforcing them regularly. There are many reasons why a business must make the right ethical choices. Businesses have to maintain a good reputation, they want to have honest customers that keep coming back and also to attract new ones, to avoid any lawsuits, and to avoid employee turnover.

An ethical problem Chipotle has encountered has to do with compliance with immigration laws in its hiring practices. These problems were arising at many branches in Minnesota in 2010. A downtown Minneapolis branch was audited, and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) requested all documentation of employees to prove they were in fact legal citizens (Jargon). Investigations also spanned the regions of Washington, D.C., Virginia, Los Angeles, and Atlanta (Gasparro). At first, Chipotle turned in documents that seemed illegitimate. ICE allowed the branch a second chance to submit the correct paperwork and clarify any errors. This specific location fired about 450 employees, most likely due to them being illegal citizens (Gasparro). This violates Chipotle’s code of conduct and their unethical behavior may penalize the company in ways such as their profit or consumers at the food chain.

The stated code of ethics states that Chipotle is committed to honesty, integrity, and avoiding conflicts of interest in personal and professional relationships. It says that they will comply with rules and regulations of all U.S. and...

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