Ethic in hospitality operations

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How could leaders and subordinates influences the ethical culture of corporation

According to Ethics Resource Center (2010), the important influence of people’s behaviors in the organization is based on the circumstance of working environment they are in, also the standards set by the employers and employees. If people having good behaviors are put in the negative behaviors that does not value values or even are pressure them to do something without any giving alternative to make decision, it is clear that they would not conduct it well or would conduct negative behaviors. This can illustrate that working environment have the big impacts on people’s behaviors. The mentioned environment is like a culture that can be changed as places are shifted. Culture is a standard that is set by people in a particular community, which cannot easily be modified if the one who is intended to change is not so powerful that everyone in the community would admit. Looking in the big picture, cultures exist in every country and in every community. To narrow down, in the society of the country, it could be categorized into many parts, but there is one factor that has a big impact on society along with people in the society, which is the business section. Business and society indirectly and directly influence each other. To maintain the society, it is crucially dependent on business. Simultaneously, business section also depends on people in the society. In business itself, there is also a culture that is set in order to control employees in the corporate. Clearly, making profit is the goal of doing business. What if the business activity could gain huge number of profits but damage both the society and people in the organizations? Therefore, this comes to the big issue that will be stated in this essay, business in relating to ethics. In organizations, leaders and subordinates are always affected with each other. They both are the ones who set the standards of the organization called Culture.The culture in business is called corporate culture which is originally crucial for every company. Each company has its own culture’s practices. Yet, the corporate culture is considered as one determinant of how people in the organization believe and behave, because everyone in the company can be seen as the personalities of the organization or as the representative of the company. The structure of the business and employees are the crucial factors that make the organization run smooth (Corporate Ethics, 2011). The corporate culture set the expectations within the company which affects the decision made by people in the organization. Undoubtedly, what that influence people’s decisions is the ethical value. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to have ethical corporate cultures in order to encourage and allow ethical decisions. Generally, the strength of an organization’s ethical culture is the scope to which the company does the right thing as a priority (Ethics Resource Center, 2010). To enhance business performance, ethical practices are significant. According to the study of the Institute of Business Ethics, there is a correlation between business performance and ethical practices. The leaders should take themselves as a role model of ethical behavior in the employees’ sight and employees are less likely to behave unethically in the ethical corporate culture (Corporate Ethics, 2011). To illustrate, both leaders and subordinates have to help each other to produce a good ethical corporate culture because each of them cannot make it alone, as everyone within the company has influences the level of the ethics of corporate culture. It is not so easy to create the ethical corporate culture because it takes time and requires great efforts from everyone in the organization (Six Steps, 2008). However, leaders are the ones who have the greatest influences on setting ethical corporate culture together with the ethical environment in the organization. The...

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