Ethics from different cultures

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Ethics Paper: Ethics From Different Cultures

Business ethics have an important role and becoming critical in the business world. It can be thought of as written and unwritten codes of values that help us make decisions and actions within a company. In the most basic terms, the definition for business ethics are determining what is right or wrong and choosing to do the right things. With the process of globalization, workplaces are becoming more diverse than ever before. Therefore, cultural factors are becoming one of the main external forces that influence ethical behaviors. This is where culture intersects ethics. Employees from around the world bring custom, tradition, and moral norms from their home countries to the global office. When one has to make an ethical decision, they do so through the lens of their culture. What happens when one culture says a practice is ethical and another says it isn't? Every country has different cultures and even within a region of a country may have a different culture from the rest of the country. Therefore, it is unavoidable that different cultures will meet and there might be conflicts or they might blend together. Now a day, globalization allows people to work with others from different parts of the world, as employees, managers, and colleagues. As these differences in culture create improvement in productivity and creativity, they also create barriers and dysfunctional. For examples, Japanese manufacturing companies pay lots of attention on their employees in which the workday usually start with exercise an take time off work to relax because they believe that this will help the employee think and work better. Thus, many U.S. company are follow their footstep as this help improving productivity and employee’ loyalty as well. Within every culture, people usually use the social norms as reliable guidelines for correct and moral behavior in daily living and help determining what is right...
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