Establishing and Growing Alternative Dispute Resolution Practices

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Table of Contents
1.0 Executive Summary
2.1 Introduction
2.2 The Company
2.3 Services
2.4 Market
2.0 Marketing Vision
3.0 Target Market
4.0 Operational Research & Analysis
5.0 Competition
6.5 SWOT Analysis
6.0 Reflections of a Goddess Service Experience
7.0 Reflections of a Goddess Services
8.6 Product/Service Innovation
8.0 Pricing
9.0 Sales Forecast
10.0 Marketing Budget

1.0 -------------------------------------------------
Executive Summary

The production of this marketing plan has been based upon the ideas of Chassidy Causey and her plans to open a new cleaning service in the Lexington, KY area and surrounding counties.

A name has been chosen – Reflections of a Goddess and this will be referred to when relevant throughout this document. Also new external target markets will be referred to as external clients.
The intention of this plan is to begin the creation of marketing strategies that will be implemented towards launching a new outsourced financing service for Reflections of a Goddess. This will be aimed at potential external clients and also raise awareness of the company.


Reflections of a Goddess is a new cleaning service that specialized in office cleaning, building cleaning, warehouse cleaning as well as residential cleaning in Lexington, KY and surrounding counties. Reflections of a Goddess will also sell office cleaning supplies, services and related products to areas of any size. This business will clean small offices to an entire hospital size area. Reflections of a Goddess will be seeking funding for equipment, supplies and other initial operations of the business. The Company

Established in 2012, Reflections of a Goddess as will be open for operation in January of 2012. The business offers office cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor treatments and window cleaning for businesses with space of any kind or amount. There will also be specialty jobs such as baseboard cleaning and painting. This business was founded by Chassidy Causey, cleaning industry professional with years of experience. This business will began operation out of the residential home of Chassidy Causey until business begins to pick up. There will be trained cleaning crews available when needed.

Services offered will be based on basic cleaning schedules clients have been maintaining. Cleaning times will be based around client’s wants and needs to offer privacy and security. We will be offering our cleaning products as well as offering office necessities such as tissues, lotions, candles, spray, incents, oils and other extra services. Services provided will be environmentally friendly both in the products used as well as the methods they are disposed. The Market

The market consists of 32,052 small, medium, and large office businesses in Lexington, KY (Manta Media Inc, 2012). There are 116,497 household in Lexington, KY (ZipAreaCodes.Net, 2012). These are going to be the markets that we target first, than at a later time we will expand to the surrounding counties in Kentucky. Growth is expected for this market, especially in residential dwellings and small businesses. Focusing on small office spaces will help Reflections of a Goddess to establish an outstanding reputation and will help build operations.

2.0 Marketing Vision

Marketing Objectives for Reflections of a Goddess will be as follows:

1. Establish Brand by developing a reputation and also making sure the logo and brand values are integrated and consistent with the key components of our mission statement as well as raise awareness of the brand.

2. Position with external clients as well as internal. Differentiation between competitors and within the target market. Ensuring excellent administration of the services Reflections of a...

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