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Topics: Taj Mahal, Vito Corleone, Mughal Empire Pages: 6 (2019 words) Published: September 19, 2013
1. My Favourite monument- TAJ MAHAL
Everyone has their own favorite time to see the Taj Mahal.  Crowds will distract you from the cool, serene presence of this flawless monument.  The best way is to try arriving just as it opens or as it is about to close.  A few minutes alone in the perpetually echoing inner sanctum will reward you far more than several hours spent on a guided tour.  The sensuously curving lines of the temple of love demand to be savored without interruption, then the presence of the building itself will impart its own message.

The tombs of Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal are actually located in a shadowy burial crypt.  At ground level, in the very center of the building is the cenotaph dedicated to Mumtaz.  If you sing in the inner shrine of the monument, the notes will float upwards in a flow of music of the spheres.  This event was very influential in the time of its occurrence because looking at this building, you will see how much love there is and how strong this love stood.  It represents so much to many of the visitors on different levels.

It has really affected my life because I feel very proud of my Indian heritage and how I can go to my homeland and have the chance to see a monument I can be very proud of.  I’m so happy that India has one of the great wonders that I can admire and tell about to others.  I hope to gain a lot of knowledge about the Taj Mahal whenever I go there.  Just to experience it in person and to admire the beauty and artistic views would be amazing.

I think what inspired me the most was the strong love between Shah and Mumtaz.  To have such a love would make such a relationship grow and blossom solidly.  I just hope in my life that I can find the right person and experience the love and solid trust that Shah and Mumtaz had between them. This event will be important to me in an hundred years because this is a part of my Indian background.  I’m going to teach this story to my children and I hope it will be passed on down throughout the coming generations.  It is just so interesting on how it all came together and how unique it is today.

Under the full moon, the pearly white exterior is shrouded in mystery.  That would be love, the greatest mystery of all.  In India, take the time you will be spending there to learn and gain new perspectives.  Someday you can use the stuff that you have learned and apply it to your daily relationship and acquire the “eternal love” that Shah and Mumtaz created.

a"NEW DELHI"..a place where u get everything and a place where u get to know about everything of the mughal emperor... Instead, it was a really positive experience - the city didn't seem that grimy or too touristy but we were only there for two full days so only scratched the surface! 

We started off at LODHI GARDENS, which was actually a really good way to start off as it was very very peaceful - not many people at all in the park. Some beautiful old tombs to walk around in. 

We then walked to KHAN MARKET and had lunch there. Quite a nice market area but you do get a feeling that some of the shops are aimed at the expat/tourist crowd. 

INDIA GATE - not really worth the token visit if time is limited although good place to people watch - all the ladies were beautifully dressed.

HUMAYUN'S TOMB - as advised by the guide book, we went at the end of the afternoon - beautiful light that brings out the colour of the red sandstone buildings. Beautiful architecture and lovely gardens. It would have been nice to do an improvised "tea time picnic" like some of the Indian families were doing! Once again, despite the tourists, it was quite peaceful.

RED FORT - very impressive from the outside given the height of the walls. You walk first through a line of souvenir shops that are within the complex and then arrive to a large open area. This is what surprised me at the beginning of the visit - seeing such an impressive exterior, I...
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