Wonders of the World

Topics: Taj Mahal, Mughal Empire, Shah Jahan Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Ana Sharma Block 3 Mr. Seeley Geography

Wonders of the World

Berlin Wall: (Europe)
1. Another name for the Berlin Wall is the “Iron Curtain”. It was built in 1961 to keep the remaining Germans and others in the East side from escaping to the West. The Eastern side had the USSR government and everyone was being ruled over so to get freedom, people tried escaping from the Eastern side because it was dangerous. Everyone was trying to flee but in order to keep the smarter and more useful people in the Eastern side, the USSR built the Berlin Wall to keep a border between the Eastern and the Western side. If they were caught trying to escape, they were either thrown in prison or killed immediately. It was broken down in 1989 by millions of people with hammers, picks, and cranes. This monument fascinates me because it happened in history and it is part of European history. European history has always been one of my favorite subjects. Also it is quite a famous place and it was built and destroyed due to some circumstantial events that interest me.

Taj Mahal: (Asia)
It was a large monument built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is one of the most famous wonders of the world and part of the “New Seven Wonders of the World.” It is a huge tourist attraction and attracts about 2 to 4 million people per year. It was built in the 1600s. After he died, he was buried next to Mumtaz. There are some myths alluding to the dismemberment of the people who worked on it. Even though there is no actual evidence, this could be true. People believed that he had the workers mutilated in order to make sure that there could be no other replica of the Taj Mahal anywhere else in the world but now there are about 5 copies of it in the world. This monument fascinates me because even though I was born in India, I have never visited it. It has always been on the top of my bucket...
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