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It is important in a certain tone when completing essay:
Avoid the following:
-Using Clichés,
-Writing in a chatty or informal manner,
-Really long quotes,
-Too many adjectives,
-Using ‘I’, ‘we’, ‘you’, write passively,
I conducted a literature review
A literature review was conducted,
The Question:
-Make sure you ANSWER the question !
-Don't just write everything you know about a topic – pay attention to what is being asked. -Underline or highlight the key words and keep referring back to this, -We will now look at the most frequently used keywords.

Take something apart and examine the components in details.
Assess worth importance or useful of an idea.
-The introduction should be around 10% of your essay word count. -You don't have to write it first!
-Briefly explain and outline the topic. State how you plan on addressing the topic in your essay. -Engage imminently with the question.
-An introduction should be like a map, identifying the surrounding and main route of the essay. Paragraph:
-Each new point or argument made should be in a new paragraph. The point made should be supported with evidence, examples and relevant quotations. -The first sentence of a new paragraph should be a topic sentence, which introduces the theme and subject of what that paragraph is about to the reader. -You should be able to sum up the content the content of each paragraph in a few words. -You can use ‘signpost’ words to link ideas together and indicate to your reader which directions your reasoning is going to take. -Overall, in contrast, conversely, secondly, In comparison, therefore, as a result, to begin, in conclusion, for example, firstly, take, also, consequently, in addition. -There should be no new material in a conclusion, summarizing the main points discussed in your essay to show the answer you have reached. -Link backs to the question and include a summary of your own viewpoint. -The...
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