Essay Plan

Topics: Psychology, Interdisciplinary fields, The Essential Pages: 3 (674 words) Published: October 11, 2013
Essay Plan
Students study to get succeed in academic environments
Working hard is essential to excel as student
Change to give importance for friendships, networking
Personal opinion: Integrity and Intellectual skills

Interdisciplinary determine successful students integrating knowledge in different fields.
Definition of interdisciplinary
Students face new environments during their jobs
These skills must be sought in courses with different backgrounds

Emotional Intelligence allows communicating and opening opportunities for networking
E.G or claim from an author/website
Recommendations to be hired come from our friendships
Working by groups hel to receive feedback and create linkages

Working efficiently is better than working hard
Planning helps to distribute your time
Enjoying studies and other activities e.g films, drinks

Successful academic life include friendships, good grades
Personalities must adapt rapidly to new environments in different fields
Personal Viewpoint: having good grades w/out affecting your life.
Working hard is synonym of something is wrong

Academic Success Emotional or Intellectual

Traditionally, students used to study a lot of time in order to get succeed in academic environments. People thought that working hard was an essential factor to become in excellent professionals, and excel as students. However, it has changed over the last years in sense of giving importance to look for friendships or establish networking without working enough or being the best student. I definitely agree with the latter statement because students must focus on reaching integrity not only in their intellectual skills but also emotional skills. Being interdisciplinary is one of the essential factors that determine successful students. Students must integrate knowledge and methods from different disciplines, using a real synthesis of approaches [1]. After students finish their university studies, they have to face...

References: [1] M. Sedigi 2013, Interdisciplinary Relations in some high-priority fields of science and technology.
[2] D. Knight, L. Lattuca, E. Kimball, R. Reason, Understanding Interdisciplinarity: Curricular and Organizational Features of Undergraduate Interdiscipinary Programs, Spring Science 2012.
[3] American Chemical Society,
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