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By Annarita-Bagnoli Dec 01, 2014 392 Words
The use of pesticides in food
People don’t know how they endanger them by consuming food that is not organic and is not pesticide free. The Food that is crop with a lot of chemical pesticides have the remains of the chemicals even when they are sold in stores. These can cause a lot of problems for the health and the environment. In 1962 it was published a book about the problem that was using carbonated pesticides especially DDT. In this book, was known that when people cropped the food with DDT, the DDT stayed in the food and in the fields.

These remains of the pesticides in the environment caused the poisoning of the fauna and the flora in the places nearby the fields. Scientists discovered dead birds for eating from the crop when they weren’t cleaned up. The fishes were being poisoned too because the residues of these pesticides were taken to the sea. Also they discovered that the remains of it on the floor caused the rain to be contaminated and kill the flora.

The effects that it cause in people are numerous. It causes diseases from sickness on the skin, to neuromotor diseases, and cancer. Farmers were having Shakes in their hands and black sores in their skin. When it comes to people on the city that consumed the food, the cancer levels raised a lot in the decade of the boom of DDT.

These DDT using is aware in developed countries, but in countries like our country, this is still used. There’s a town in Constanza that crop tomatoes with carbonated pesticides. The environment ministry made a study about how people were fumigating the tomatoes in this town. It happened that, this town in constanza, has the highest levels of liver cancer in the country.

Carbonated pesticides are really bad for us and the environment; But there are solutions for this. People should start using alternative pesticides like, mineral based pesticides that are completely natural and natural predators in the fields that eat the bad things like fungus or insects. The UNO also decreed a law of not using pesticides. For normal people the advice is to not buy food that isn’t organic and they won’t be in danger.


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