Essay On Lack Of American Education

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It has become a well-known fact the the United States is lacking in education compared to several other countries around the world. This in part has to do with the government standard as to what is and is not required. Other qualities include lack of motivation in the teaching or learning processes. If students do not put in effort in order to be successful, then the quality of work that is put out decreases. As of 2009, the average female high school grade point average was a three point one, while the male average was a two point nine. Some countries have naturally higher standards. There have been actual studies conducted in order to validate these claims against the American educational system and systems of other countries in the world. Seventh and eighth graders were used in …show more content…
In comparison to Japan, Massachusetts schools, who have some of the most prominent students in the country, are putting out similar numbers and performance rates in math. In Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, and the Dakota’s, they are a bit behind the countries of Taiwan and Singapore in science. This goes to show that not all of the individual states are reflected in these studies. The average of every state may positively or negatively contribute to the average performance of the United States’ school systems.
Although the United States is by no means providing an inadequate educational system, it does not mean that improvements cannot be made in order to better it. Other countries are beginning to prevail over the country by gradual margins. Europe and Asia on average have the best systems, so there should be collaboration between countries so that the entire human race can learn how to succeed together rather than compete against one another in an unhealthy and dividing fashion. One should be able to be successful in the world via education no matter who they are or where they are

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