Essay on How Ekg Works

Topics: Electrocardiography, Heart, QRS complex Pages: 3 (813 words) Published: September 4, 2013
Essay on EKG Replacement for missing work By Mohammad Chenchar

EKG is an electrocardiogram, a machine used to check on problems with your electrical activity with your heart. An electrocardiogram machine translates the heart’s electrical pattern into lines that specific professionals can read it. The first EKG was made by Willem Einthoven, a Dutch Java island (now called Indonesia) born citizen. Willem was born the 21st day of May 1860. His father, Jacob Einthoven, was born and educated in Groningen (Netherlands). His father was also medically related, as he was a medical officer in the Indies, and later on he became a doctor Semarang. Willem lost his father at the age of six. Him and his mother were left out. He had two brothers and three sisters, so his mother had to struggle with six kids. After he graduated from secondary school, he intended to follow his father’s footsteps, and attended medical school. Although during the 1600s, William Gilbert started the word electric as in a static electrical pulse/ movement. To set up an individual to record a normal ECG by placing a white electrode on the wrist, a black electrode on the right ankle, and a red electrode on the lateral malleolus. Plug the electrodes into port number two and choose lesson five and press setup. The biopac unit will check the leads and adjust the recording on the screen. When your patient is still, press the record button and the biopac unit will record for 60 seconds. If a problem occurs, press the redo button and record again. After the setup is complete, take the heart rate of the patient before each activity. The activities include sitting, lying down, biofeedback, autonomic response, and response to exercise. During each activity, record an ECG and make a record of the intervals...
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