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Homeopathy is generally a safe treatment, as it used medicines in extremely diluted quantities, and there are usually minimal side effects. Homeopathy was founded by German Physician Samuel Hahnemann. During his studies, he later concluded that diluting the doses, produce the symptoms and the length of the dose’s effectiveness (Wells, Ken R.). Naturopathic medicine is branch of medicine in which a variety of natural medicines and treatments are used to heal illness. Naturopaths believe in treating the whole person, regarding their mental stability as well as their physical body Naturopathy was formed in the 18th centuries due to the industrial revolution bringing about unhealthy lifestyles. (Boughton, Barbara, and Rebecca J. Frey). Homeopathy and...

The purpose of homeopathy is the restoration of the body to homeostasis, or healthy balance, which is its natural state. Homeopathic medicine has three principles. Law of Similars which was based on thinking that it holds the substances that cause healthy people to get symptoms that can cure diseases. This is a form of “sympathetic magic” similar to that eating of a lion will make a person brave. The next one is The law of Infinitesimal. This dose has always caused problems among the outside field of homeopathy. Mr. Hahnemann diluted his remedies with water and alcohol and succussed. (Wells, Ken R.). There are several homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic remedies sometimes use a substances that are toxic, they are diluted and prescribed in non-toxic doses. A few examples of Homeopathic remedies are Aconite,Apis, Arnica, Bryonia, Chamomilla and Ledum. Aconite is highly toxic and a the nontoxic version is to treat symptoms similar to ones like poison. Apis is commonly known as the honey bee. This is used to treat symptoms similar to a bee sting-redness, and swelling....
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