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Topics: Marriage, Soul, Sexual intercourse Pages: 6 (2285 words) Published: April 2, 2013
The virtue of chastity is one that is recognized as the best way to live in the perspective of the Catholic Church. Chastity is an exceptional gift from God as it allows one to live a life of purity and self respect; it is a choice that one must make as a young person. Sex is a gift that should be experienced and enjoyed inside the boundaries of marriage. When one experiences the act of sexual intercourse outside those boundaries, they are putting themselves in danger of physical, emotional, and spiritual agony. In the stance of the Catholic Church, sex is a fulfillment of God’s miracle of new life. It allows us to share in his divinity by experiencing the power of creation. Making the commitment to stay chaste before marriage proves that someone can be trusted to be faithful once they are finally married. It is also a sign of love and respect for oneself; the sacred temple of the body that God created. Through the act of chastity, one is able to preserve the sacredness of the body, mind, and soul in direct relation to the teachings of the Catholic faith; this ultimately demonstrates the true advantage to remaining chaste.

Chastity is a way of life that is recognized in the Catholic Church as a way to preserve the body and all that it is worth. The idea of preservation of the body can be interpreted in many ways. When one practices the act of chastity, they are preserving their body in the most ideal way for a variety of reasons. Chastity is a way to discipline the body so that one is able to have serious self control. It is a method of discipline in which one can learn to refrain themselves from any sort of temptation they may come across. Chastity is also a method of demonstrating self-respect, as one will be able to emotionally comprehend the importance of sex and the idea that “one’s body is a temple.” “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore, honour God with your body.” (Cor 6:19-20) This quote directly from the Bible demonstrates the importance of one’s body. The body is viewed as the keepsake of one’s spirit on earth. God gave each individual person a body which they are responsible in maintaining. Each person’s body is a reflection of their self respect, virtues, and morals. Any types of moral values are reflected in the way one treats their body. If one engages in sex before marriage they are demonstrating that they may not have as strong Catholic values than one who practices being chaste. The lifestyle of chastity also allows one to prevent their body from contracting STD’s or AIDs. Engaging in sex before marriage exposes one’s body to uncertainty of good health. If one has sexual intercourse before marriage, they are not necessarily doing the act with someone who they can trust. Therefore, they are exposed to the risk of contracting an STD or AIDs on account of the fact that their partner maybe untruthful or deceitful to them. This can pose a major hazard in the state of one’s well being. If one does not remain chaste until they are married, they will not keep their body in a contained and secure state. This can pose many risks to one’s health and one’s moral state as they are not preserving the temple God granted them. Ultimately, to preserve the body allows one to prepare for the mental journey of the bond between one man and one woman.

When one decides to remain chaste, they are able to learn sacred virtues, and live them out to their full potential. A virtue is a quality that is deemed morally good or ethical in the perspective of the Catholic faith. Chastity allows the development of many important virtues that can create the ideal Christian attitude. The virtues of loyalty, trust, patience and modesty are very crucial when one decides to live the way of chastity. When one practices chastity, they learn the importance of loyalty as they learn that they must...
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