Essay on body adornment

Topics: Religion, Body modification, Sociology Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: April 14, 2014
Body adornment is the practice of decorating the human body. Throughout the world it is present in many cultures. In America tattoos and piercing has become very popular. People choose to tattoo, pierce, or permanently mark their bodies for various reasons. “Modification of and marks of the body convey messages about age, gender, sexual interest, profession, wealth and emotions” (Miller, 449). People get tattoos for many reasons. I have tattoos because I feel that it is a way of expressing myself through art on my body. I like the beauty of art and every tattoo I have has a significant meaning to me. Tattoos have great importance in many cultures. In some cultures tattoos can be a way of showing what type of religious beliefs people have. Also, tattoos can show status. People that are in gangs get tattoos as a meaning of loyalty to the gang and to let people know who see them that they are in the gang. Every tattoo design is unique to the individual because it conveys specific information about that person. In some cultures people believe that tattoos can make them more attractive. People get piercing for various reasons. Some people pierce their body for spiritual or religious reasons. Also, some people pierce their bodies to express themselves through the objects the stick into their piercings. The display or placement of piercings has been restricted by schools, employers and religious groups because some piercings are believed to be inappropriate. I know people with piercings and they said they thought it would be cool to have a ring or objects sticking through their skin. Ear piercing has been practiced all over the world since ancient times. Ear piercing is a way of enhancing people’s appearance. People usually get precious Jewry that looks beautiful to put into their pierced ear. This could also be a way of showing how wealthy you are by the value of your Jewry. Although tattoos and piercing may have great importance to religions and social status but...
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