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Topic 106: Some people think that students benefit greatly from going to private secondary schools, but others assert that private secondary schools have a negative impact on the young generation and the society alike. Discuss both views. Parents seem to have ongoing preference for a private secondary school, although they have to pay extremely high tuition for their children. Despite the fact that a private school is very often associated with quality service, professional teaching staff, competitive courses, and excellent facilities, critics are concerned about the harmful effects of private schools on society. The merits and demerits of this argument will be explored below. Unarguably, private schools outperform public schools based on their more flexible and advanced academic and extracurricular programs. With this distinguishing advantage, private schools are capable of adjusting their programs for students of different levels and assisting them to attain their objectives individually. Another remarkable quality of a private school is its proficiency in formulating and promoting different non-academic programs, such as group sports and outings to foster students' physical, emotional and social well-being. Private schools are also acclaimed as experts in addressing students' discipline problems. Keen to consolidate its image as an excellent quality provider, a private school focuses not only on a student's academic performance but also on their demeanour. For this reason, physical fights, drug use, bullying and other behaviour problems are less likely to be seen in private schools. On the other hand, private schools have high entrance requirements and tuition standards, resulting in relative homogeneity of students' family background. Students are mainly from medium or high income families. Upbringing and strict school discipline jointly contribute to better behaviour of students. It is no wonder that most of private school students are good-mannered and...
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