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 How to write an essay

Paragraph 1 – Introduction (вступление, введение в тему) Типичное начало
Many people think (are sure, believe) that…. As for me,….. People always say / have always thought / believed / said…… Some people….while others….But I think….
The problem / issue / phenomenon of … is/has always been….. It is a controversial / hot question…
There is no agreement……
While - в то время как

Paragraph 1-3
Автор рассматривает различные аспекты темы, например, аргументы «за» и «против». Для каждого поворота темы – свой абзац В каждом абзаце:
главная мысль выражена чаще всего в первом предложении аргументы соединены словами-связками автор приводит примеры, подтверждающие свою мысль

Логический порядок аргументов Firstly,…. What is more,… In addition…… Secondly,… Finally,…. However…… Thirdly,…. …because… In spite of this…. Besides,…. But….

More than that,…. So…

It seems to me… In my opinion…
I am sure… As far as I know…. I am not sure but I feel….
I believe…. If I am not mistaken…. I would say… One major advantage is…….. As I see it… There are a number of disadvantages…. To my mind….

The last paragraph – Conclusion (вывод)
To sum it up,…
In conclusion,…
All in all…..
It seems important to add….
….the issue / debate is far from solving, but…. Write an opinion composition on surfing the Net as a pastime.

Many people nowadays can`t do without the Internet, while others are absolutely indifferent to it. As for me, I am neither indifferent to nor crazy about this occupation. I like surfing the Net to find out some extra information for my English lessons or for entertainment, but I don`t devote much time to it. Surfing the Internet can be very useful. First, there is information about anything you want and it is great! For example, when my pet was ill, I found there some advise how to cure him and on a good diet for him. Besides, I often visit sites for English teachers to learn about new methods, to get some interesting texts or tests. Second, the Internet saves much time because I don`t need to go to the library but can find everything I want without leaving my room. I find it very convenient. More than that, I like writing E-mails to my friends and the Net gives me this chance. But on the other hand, there is the other side in the medal. Personally I think that the internet is quiet expensive and you always have to control yourself not to waste too much money using it. Besides, surfing the Net requires special skills and if you don`t have them, it is hard for you to find information quickly. I sometimes spend a lot of time to get what I really want .It is very irritating! And ,finally, what I dislike is that the Net is very slow at peak hours. To sum it up, I am sure the Internet is a great invention of the 20th century, but it has both advantages and disadvantages. It is up to everyone to decide how much and what for he is going to use it. I have already made my choice: for me it is a useful tool (инструмент) but not something I can`t live without.

A Personal Letter Layout
street number + name name of city + postcode date Dear…,

Thank the other person for their letter/postcard.
Ask how he/she is,...
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