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These were some very interesting topics that you brought up in correlation to France. I have always been fascinated with France. I am a big fan of the food, as well as the overall culture. I have always seen France as the country of love. I believe your insights will help me gain a grasp on this, to understand if it really holds any truth.
I have some more information that I would like to add, to your bibliography. The main point that I want to hit is about the comparison of United States vs. French. In particular the different management styles, and how they bring different results because of these different styles. Since France and America have made some unifications in the business world, the mangers often don’t mimic each others management skills. The French look to construct relationships with each other and try and create conclusions about the opinionated environment they are placed in. On the other hand American managers hold meetings to make decisions, take action on plans, or hold prearranged reviews. A great point that was brought up while I was reviewing your article about the comparisons and also through my research was the different perceptions they have of each other. American managers often perceive meeting with French businessmen as more talking and less problem solving. The French are the opposite, and see American managers as unable to conduct business without a prior problem situation already in the focus point.
Another good point which I pulled from your bibliography that I would like to comment on is businesses wishing to be successful in France’s markets. In particular how managers should relate to clients in order to be successful. In France line managers have hardly any contact with clients or consumers. In the United States the line managers seem to be constantly talking to and about clients. Which many French business associates will admit that they need to learn more about that feature of management from the U.S. The French only holds

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