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Essay on Case Study

I. Introduction (500 words)
[pic]A. Premise/Thesis (100 words)
The change program could have been much shorter and less painful if thought from the culture change perspective rather than from the structural change point of view.

[pic]B. Statement of points (400 words)
* The depth of the need of culture change has been underestimated when the first five years program was designed. Even if potential cultural issues were considered, the initial approach was not aiming to address them and counted largely on the wide implication of unions for getting the buy-in at local level. * The structure put in place in the first two years became somehow redundant and overlapping after the new structures were initiated starting with 1999. Therefore, despite few initiatives, the leadership and the buy-in aimed at the grassroot level became less important as compared with the increased up-down leadership supported by the plan, which gained more champions both at senior and middle management level. Even if at the beginning well involved at LSC levels, workers’ involvement lost weight in leadership implication over the course of actions. Therefore, the down to top process was only partially successful, by still involving unions in finding solutions to culture issues and other few intiatives to mention. * Vision, clear success objectives and frequency of measurements and defined responsibilities were not in place. Objectives were not set and agreed from the beginning and throughout the process. This made it harder to evaluate the success or failure of different actions on a timely manner and to direct resources in a more structured rather than contextual way. Vision and measuring indicators (both quantitative and qualitative) became apparent with the arrival of the new president in 2003 and the creation of the utility wide culture subteam.

II. Body
[pic]A. Program Length (500 words)[pic]
[pic]B. The overlap of the initial LSC/LOB structure with the later Culture Transition Teams (500 words) C. The evolution of the down to top approach of the hybrid change process and how it actually worked. Workers and union implication over the change program (500 words) [pic]D. The existence of success objectives and the frequency of their measurements at organisation and granular level at each milestone (500 words)

III. Conclusion/Summary (500 words)
[pic]A. Summary of supporting information (250 words)
[pic]B. Conclusion reached (250 words)

IV. Citations
your book and lecture notes
other resources may be included during the essay writing.

PS&E Case Study - summary of ideas and facts

9 years plan
Phase 1 – tailoring interventions to fit each individual culture Phase 2 – issues to be addressed system-wide: leadership, trust, measurements, learning and communications. Culture change should take place from bottom up – union participation built in from the start. Mutual trust and respect between change agents

Brought an external consultant as a change agent

Life long jobs
Highly experienced employees
Risk takers
Safety perceived as management responsibility, low employee involvement, not enough safety minded managers - existing risk commitee, routine safety audits Good relation with the union with previous successes in joint efforts. Benchmark on good safety programs of other companies.

Together with the union – created a new safety program (19 components from accountability to training, 5 years program), safety constitution and safety congress. Critical mandate to develop new safety structure to operate on two levels: a local safety council – LSC (workers, managers, supervisors and SH&E professionals) at each district/division level; a new business council (LOB) to be formed for gas, electric...
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