Essay - Bridging Brands and Borders: Trends and Tactics to Connect Global Brands with Asian Consumers

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Bridging brands and borders: Trends and tactics to connect global brands with Asian consumers This article briefly states the idea of brand internationalization. Whether brands should localize themselves based on the tastes of the market or they should keep their identity intact. The author, Craig Briggs states that certain risk is involved when a global company tries and changes too much as per the local tastes. The articles also stresses on instances from the past on Global companies like Starbucks having a successful stint with the globalization, by modifying certain aspects of the product offered to match the consumer demands, but keeping the ethos of the company intact. Then the article moves in to focus on the aspects of customization and how they appear in four key areas, Functional Customization, Delivery Customization, Format Customization, and Perpetual Customization Facts the author uses for supporting the theory of customization:

a. Functional Customization: Frito lay changed the flavor of the chips to better cater to the taste preferences of the Chinese customer. Developing newer tastes the company has been successful brand, keeping the DNA of the brand intact. b. Delivery Customization: The author appropriately uses the facts about McDonalds and IKEA while stating the area of delivery customization. McDonalds has implemented home delivery options in India and China to make the consumer confortable in using the product from the home. IKEA ran the stores in Japan concentrating on the way Japanese homes are and also started a conveyance service between the major metro stations. This gave the consumer the opportunity to connect to the store more. c. Format Customization: The author appropriately supports the theory with instances about Coca Cola producing the smaller bottles to compete with the local competitor. d. Perpetual Customization: Godiva creating a luxury brand in China is a way in which the author provides information how...

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