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Topics: Citation, Bibliography, APA style Pages: 3 (346 words) Published: May 19, 2015
[Provided by WGU Alumni, R. Brady Frost, via] [Assessment Name – ie. Security Audit]
[Objective Text Name in TaskStream – ie. Security Control Review] NAME

FYT2 – Security & Policy
Task 1

A1. [Name of Rubric Item]
Even though the assignment may indicate that you should write an essay, the essay format makes it hard for the grader to identify answers to rubric items. To ensure the best chance of success, it helps to break out each rubric item into a separate section. You may have to overlap information across sections since rubric items sometimes can’t be explained alone without covering another rubric item. Do your best to answer each item and go into more specific detail about the supporting rubric item in its individual section. A2. [Name of Rubric Item]

Something, something.
Bullet points and stuff
Only if required by rubric
A3. [Name of Rubric Item]
If your assignment gets kicked back by the Taskstream grader, don’t fret!!! The feedback will specify which section requires more input. Don’t get angry or upset. It’s okay! Just go back to that section and add more detail. If you can’t think of anything right away, do a search on Google Scholar and see if you can find interesting and related professional documents you can reference. Demonstrating competency is about showing how interrelated concepts intertwine. This can be hardest for those simple rubric items that don’t seem to require much explaining. Don’t take for granted how much you’ve learned!

Explain those concepts like you would to someone who is completely oblivious. Include vivid analogies to help explain your point. If all else fails, include word art to help demonstrate your core ideas. B. [Name of Rubric Item]

Blah, blah, blah.
B1. [Name of Rubric Item]

B2. [Name of Rubric Item]

C. All In-Text Citations/References in APA Format

All in-text citations and references included in APA format. Works Cited...

Citations: References in APA Format
All in-text citations and references included in APA format.
Works Cited
If completing document in Microsoft Word, you can use the Reference tab to input your citations. In-text citations can be generated as well as your bibliography. Insert it here.
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