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Topics: Writing, Essay, Literature Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: March 10, 2015
Grace Weiland
30 September 2014
Literacy Narrative Essay Rough Draft
Most people cannot recall their very first experience with reading or writing. However, the majority of people can recall the moment in their lives where the way they viewed reading or writing changed drastically. The pivotal moment that truly alters how one views the written word seems to be engrained in one’s memory. When someone chooses to write down and share their journey with reading and writing, whether it be discovering it or redefining it to themselves, they create a literacy narrative. A literacy narrative can take many forms. It can be a recollection of how someone discovered the power of the written world and found themselves redefining what reading or writing means to them. Words can “[color] everything” (Wright 92) and completely reshape someone’s view of the literary world. A literacy narrative of this variety can not only be easy to relate to but serve as a reminder of how powerful words can be. In Richard Wright’s essay “The Library Card” he discusses how reading provided him with “nothing less than a sense of life itself” (Wright 93). His “new hunger” (Wright 93) for literature drastically changed his life and his way of thinking. Describing how he discovered this need to expand his knowledge of the world makes for a very interesting and powerful literacy narrative. Another form of literacy narrative is one that discusses one’s journey to discover what reading and writing means to them. In Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft he discusses how he writing came naturally to him when he used his love of reading to approach writing. Developing writing skills made him feel as if he has “been ushered into a vast building filled with closed doors and had been given leave to open any [he] liked” (King 28). This “immense feeling of possibility” (King 28) attracts many people to writing. This is an example of a literacy narrative because he...
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