Essay 3

Topics: Laughter, A Great Way to Care, Communication Pages: 1 (504 words) Published: October 6, 2014
Daniel Webster
Course: HTM 2464
Instructor: Seontaik Kim
Assignment Number: Assignment 1 Habits 4&5

Based on the information that I have read throughout the chapters, I have learned that humor, laugher, and a shared vision is key to company success. As a CEO of service firm X, one needs to incorporate humor in to the work environment. According to the readings, humorous competitions can be a great way to incorporate laughter in the company among employees. When employees laugh, it leads to reduced stress. Since employees can become stressed in certain environments, this will lead to decrease in productivity and ultimately lead to job dissatisfaction. In order to keep morale high and stress low, there are several ways you can incorporate humor into all aspects of the business. First, a way to use humor would be in the advertising department. By using humor in advertising, this can lead to increase humor and laughter in your employees amongst the company as they become more comfortable. As it may be easy to use humor in advertising, you have to make sure that the company’s brand will be associated with the humor in order for the customer to remember the brand. Another difficulty that one may face when using humor, is that it has to be non-derogatory and not offensive to any person. This can be prevented by using appropriate YouTube videos, cartoons, or viral videos. Secondly, a company can see greater success by encouraging a shared vision. A shared vision is a detailed and communicated notion of what your business is doing now and in the future. With a strong shared vision, this will lead to an increase in employee’s attitude to interact and further the company’s success. In order to find out if your company has a strong shared vision, one could create a survey and each employee can rank each question on how well they feel connected to the organization. If the rankings are high, then you know your employees believe in the organization and...
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