A Sense of Humor Can Make Difficult Times Easier to Bear

Topics: Barack Obama, Humour, Comedy Pages: 1 (429 words) Published: March 9, 2011
A sense of humor can make difficult times easier to bear
The sense of humor is one of the most powerful tools we have. People who without a sense of humor may find themselves belittled, mocked, or treated as stupid, leading to anxiety and depression. A good sense of humor is just like weapon, and it can beat the difficult situations in many ways. First, a sense of humor can dispel tension. That is a good way to express you without hurt others at the same time. I remember two years ago, after Senator McCain lost his presidential campaign, he had a very humorous congratulation speech for the winner, President Obama. His speech burst of waves of humor, the applause and sound of support. McCain’s sense of humor not only made him an American hero, instead of a loser of campaign, but also built up a harmonious atmosphere between himself and his opponent. I think this is a good example to illustrate how a sense of humor can dispel tension. Second, a sense of humor can give people a positive thinking when we go through difficulties. I have a good example myself. Six years ago, when I first came to America, I only knew a little bit of English. It was definitely not enough to make conversations with Americans. My broken Chinese-style of pronunciation not only sounded very funny, but also did not make any sense to people. I had encountered many embarrassing moments with my English. But I didn’t give up to practice my English. I always tell people: “I sympathize with you, since you have to be suffered my English ”. Everyone who heard my humor always gave me a smile and had laughter with me. My optimism gave me courage to overcome the language barrier in America. I appreciate the sense of humor I have. Finally, the sense of humor is a powerful medicine against pain and stress. I have read some articles talking about how doctors used humor therapy to relieve patients’ pain and tension. Also when people are laughing, their brains produce more chemicals that to...
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