Essay 2 "Letter to a Friend"

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Dear Amanda,
Hey Girl how are you doing? Hopefully things are going good. As for me, I'm doing great! I'm writing you this letter because in English class we looked at these pictures and the picture that I got was of some mountains, a lake, and forest trees. The picture reminded me of the summer that I went camping with you and your sister. Do you remember that summer? It was a blast! I remember that I couldn't wait to go with you guys because I was so excited!

Do you remember the ride up there? Oh my goodness, I don't think that I could ever forget it! Our ride started off when we left your house, I was trying to think of anything that I might have left behind. When I leave out of town it always feels like I've left something behind. We first stopped in Porterville, and that is where the journey began. We went to one of the very few stores there, which was a sports good store where we bought the stuff for fishing. And then we made a pit stop at your brother's house before we went all the way up to the mountains. When we pulled up to the house to find your brother digging up the floors and walls. He thought there where bones in the walls and floors. That was so funny. After we left your brothers house we headed for the mountains.

The back of your Dad's truck felt so small. We couldn't even stretch our legs. Thinking about it now I don't know why we sat back there, and suffered the whole way up there, especially on those curvy, bumpy roads. Sleeping half the way up to the mountains was the only thing that helped us survive the ride. Once we woke up do you remember sticking grapes up our noses and then giving them to Janie? We couldn't stop laughing so much; I think that's how she knew we did something to her grapes. If she only would have eaten one, I think we would have pissed our pants. Finally after hours and hours we arrived to the cabin.

The cabin looked so beautiful, it looked like something out of a movie. There was no one to be found for miles....
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