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Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: April 20, 2015
Marco Mata
Prof. Gray
English 28
20 March 2015
Change in Everyday Use

When writing a work of fiction such as a short story a writer has to have one important element Characterization. A writer typically uses two forms of Characterization: direct or indirect. In direct characterization the writer makes clear statements about a character’s personality and discusses what the character is like. Indirect characterization, the writer discusses their personality and what their like through a character’s actions and thoughts making a reader determine how they are. Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use” is a short story that illustrates heritage being diverted from the way it’s perceived in family values. This short story is a drama genre involving argumentative destruction in a family’s bond which leads to depicting social views. A now wealthy daughter (Dee), of a traditional mother, is different orientated than her sister and mother. A quilt is brought up and Dee want’s the quilt but the mom is saving it for Maggie when she gets married. Although the Mom’s instincts knows that the quilt to Dee won't really matter to her and just have it somewhere hanged up or see it as another profit to her pocket. While Maggie is the same like her mom that takes pride in her cultural heritage she thinks she would actually enjoy and have a special meaning to it rather than to just have laying around somewhere. “Everyday Use” distinguishes differences in how a family of three, Mama, Maggi, and Dee using indirect & direct characterization, perceive breaking change & tradition.

The indirect characterization of Mama leads the reader to see how she views heritage and doesn't want change. The indirect characterization is shown through a character’s actions by what they say or do. In this case, Mama think’s Dee as a child is trying to brain wash her to make her believe “a lot of knowledge” she “didn't necessarily need to know.” (94) Mama is afraid of change and is so stuck in the past to...
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