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Topics: Best of Breed, Enterprise resource planning Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Single Vendor
1. The vendor structures the products to be compatible minimizing problems with each other which results in advantages like no double data entry, more cross-application features and faster processing speeds. 2. Get new features sooner as the vendor is known and one can avoid spending long time on preflight checks 3. Save time in the procurement phase

4. Vendor will have to take more responsibility as the whole set up is done by it so it cannot play any blame game with other vendor’s due to which there is a delay in addressing the problem which happens in multi vendor. 5. It’s easier to solve any kind of problem with ERP implementation or in the later phase because we will have to contact only one person which will save time. 6. If the vendor is same then it will follow same style leading to faster deployment and less staff training.

Multi vendor

A lot of companies/clients are going for multiple vendors and by choosing so they can : * cut costs
* foster competition
* advantage of vendor specialization
* technical expertise
* low risk associated than depending on one vendor
* might consume time, be complex & expensive

multi sourcing will be the dominant sourcing model. A survey of CIOs represented 42% use 3 or more outsourcing vendors, while 36% use fewer than 3 and 22 % are sticking with single vendor.

Best of breed

The best-of-breed vs. integrated suite battle has been ongoing since integrated ERP software first came on the market. In the early days, buyers were forced to choose between standalone systems that performed one function very well (e.g., accounting, production planning) or one integrated system that offered modules for each function, but with varying degrees of functional depth. Over time, however, the functional gaps between best-of-breed offerings and integrated suites have started to narrow. Software buyers are now faced with making a more difficult and complicated decision, but one that...
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