Epic Story

Topics: The Key, Guardians of Time Trilogy, 2004 albums Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Epic Story Time
The year was 1592 in South Korea, the dark gray sky was consuming the sun inch by inch, as the people’s voices yelling and screaming from all directions, wondering what? How? Who? Quickly turning around back into the house, the dark black gate, thick with steel hovering high over the dark sky as if it were to consume anything it met. Everyone quickly running back and forth, side to side, panicking from who knows what. A sudden explosion occurred west from out house, panicking, everyone ran away (east) until they couldn’t run no more. Yelling and screaming occurred once again, but this time much…much longer. From the great distance of about 200feet another explosion, but closer, the yelling of families mixed up with friends, moms, dads, and children. Suddenly a large crowd of people screaming ran towards/past away from the explosion, then not long after than hearing more explosions along with a language I never heard of. Suddenly this became a national threat; the sirens were ringing in my ears mixed in with devastation of not being able to find anyone. Everyone you ever knew disappeared; you became alone at this moment. Instantly gripped painfully by the collar, was a man in a uniform, Japanese. The symbol on his right hand shoulder was their flag. Instantly thrown into a carriage, or more like a prison? Other boys were here, boys of all ages. Turning to see the crowd running, “BANG!” The sound shook the ground underneath, and created a ringing in the ears. Turning slowly, hesitantly, there it was the one whom was called mom, shot, dead. Screaming in terror, looking for a way out, anywhere, panicking and hitting every wall around, then darkness crept. Taken by the dark hand, the feeling of pain instantly coursed through my veins and a painful itch hurt on the head. Where was this? Dark. Cold. The squeaks of rats underneath the bed, with the feeling of a wet moist floor. It was sticky, the feet cold, it ripped the skin off of every step, staring...
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